Eric Adams calls on DA to prosecute Rudy Giuliani, who demands mayor resign


Mayor Eric Adams has urged Staten Island DA Mike McMahon to consider prosecuting ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani for allegedly filing a false police report, to which Giuliani responded by calling for Adams to quit over the city’s crime crisis.

“[Giuliani] falsely reported a crime and the DA should take that seriously,” Hizzoner said during an appearance on the “The Daily Show” Tuesday night, where he both mocked and scorned Giuliani in the ongoing spat between the two.

“You don’t realize. You just assaulted me,” Adams deadpanned after host Trevor Noah embraced him upon entrance — a clear dig at the former mayor.

Giuliani was chatting with locals after returning from the men’s room at the Staten Island ShopRite on Sunday when store worker Daniel Gill came up behind him and slapped him on the back, video of the incident shows. The former two-term mayor and legal adviser to Donald Trump was stumping for his son, Andrew, who was running in the Republican primary for governor.

Gill, 39, was initially charged with second-degree assault in the incident — although the charges were downgraded to third-degree harassment and harassment. Giuliani said he felt like “someone shot me” when Gill slapped him on the back from behind, while video surveillance showed a brief and not violent encounter.

“That person that he falsely reported spent 24 hours in jail. That’s not acceptable,” said Adams, continuing criticism he first leveled earlier Tuesday at the man hailed as “America’s Mayor” following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

Adams then referenced the case of Amy Cooper — the Central Park “Karen” who sparked international outrage in 2020 whe... (Read more)

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