Michael Avenatti says NY v. Trump case is ‘grossly unfair’: 'Serial killers' aren't prosecuted like this


Michael Avenatti, who previously served as an attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, said on Wednesday that the court case New York v. Trump against former President Donald Trump is "grossly unfair."

Joining "Hannity" via phone from prison, Avenatti said his characterization of the trial may come as a surprise to many people.

He admitted that while he and Trump may disagree on 95% of issues, they both agree that the politicization of high-profile cases in the United States, particularly this example, is "gross, uncalled for and flat out wrong."

"This is an effort to deprive millions of Americans of their choice for president," Avenatti said. "This guy has been indicted now in four cases up and down the entire east coast. Sean, in this country, we don't have serial killers who are prosecuted at the same time in four different cases."

Avenatti added that the timing is wrong, the case is wrong and Trump is not receiving due process.

Host Sean Hannity noted Avenatti was once called the "most dangerous enemy" of Trump and was even floated by some pundits as a presidential contender.

Avenatti said his evolving attitudes are a product of him being "ground through the system," learning more about the way the media operates and what it is like when the government comes for you.... (Read more)

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