is owned and operated by Sanh Oriyavong, that's me!. He/him/this guy operates a ton of other websites that he can't even remember anymore, including (a lean-and-mean mirror of

For transparency sake, I also operate a couple of Bigfoot sites that I'm not willing to share, but you can easily look this up using Duck Duck Go, or Goooooooooogle -- preferrally Duck Duck Go. Only use Google as a last resort.

On a serious note, our main Facebook page, Donald Trump for President, ranked #2 in the world for most shared Facebook content in the 24 hours surrounding the third presidential debate in 2016. Don't believe us? Lookie here:

See? I told you. Trying really hard to not get too cocky here. Nowadays, we only show up on the daily top 10 list of most engaged Facebook page once in a blue moon. If we try really hard, we can probably make that list all the time.

See? We know what we're doing here. Call us social media gurus or whatever you want. We're just really good at what we do.

Still not convinced I'm a real person? Here's a photograph of me and the best President in like... everrr.

Good times...

Anyways, you can reach me at [email protected]

Feel free to contact me for business and article correction. And if you ever see me on one of our Facebook livestreams, feel free to come on and say hi!