'Fall of Roe' blamed on Democratic establishment by WaPo columnist: Pelosi, Biden 'need to move aside'


A Washington Post columnist wrote Wednesday that the Democratic Party establishment was the reason for the "fall of Roe" and argued that President Biden and other Democratic leaders should "move aside."

"On their watch, a radicalized Republican Party has gained so much power that it’s on the verge of ending American democracy as we know it," the Washington Post's Perry Bacon Jr. wrote.

He criticized the Democratic celebration of the bipartisan gun legislation, which was signed by Biden on Saturday, and said Biden's remarks after the signing did not go far enough.

"Biden gave a short speech that didn’t include any ideas on how to reform an increasingly radical Supreme Court but did include a call for Democrats not to violently protest the ruling, as if his supporters would otherwise have started rioting en masse," Bacon contended.

He said while the behavior from establishment Democrats was "discouraging," it wasn't surprising.

"The past year and a half of Democratic control of Washington has been a major disappointment," he wrote, adding that Biden had a lower approval rating than former President Donald Trump and that the agenda of ... (Read more)

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