Boris Johnson says 'toxic masculinity' led to war in Ukraine, suggests that a woman wouldn't have started the war


A female Russian president would never have invaded Ukraine, so says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to Business Insider, Johnson sat down with German news outlet ZDF shortly following the G7 summit and blamed much of Vladimir Putin's behavior, especially the war in Ukraine, on his male identity.

"If Putin was a woman, which he obviously isn't, if he were, I really don't think he would have embarked on a crazy, macho war of invasion and violence in the way that he has," Johnson said, per ZDF.

"If you want a perfect example of toxic masculinity, it's what he's doing in Ukraine," Johnson continued.

However, despite his criticisms of Putin, Johnson does not foresee the war in Ukraine coming to a conclusion any time soon, telling ZDF that there is "no possible deal" between Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at present.

The gendered nature of Johnson's comments likely stems from various gender equality conversations he and other leaders had throughout the three-day summit. According to Kevin Liptak of CNN, "Gender equality was one of the themes of this year's G7, where leaders dedicated an entire working session to the subject."

Though there was no formal G7 discussion about the Dobbs decision from the United States Supreme Court, which effectively overturned Roe v. Wade, the topic did simmer u... (Read more)

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