Pro-Palestine Activists Vandalize Barclays, Human Trafficker Jailed, Hobby Horsing Trend

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Posted 7 days ago

Here's the latest on the escalating tensions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a significant prison sentence for a human sex trafficker, and a peculiar trend in competitive sports.

A group of pro-Palestine activists, Palestine Action, has escalated its efforts to pressure Barclays bank into divesting from Israel’s arms trade and fossil fuel industries. The group has confirmed the targeting of 20 Barclays branches nationwide, including the Broadmead branch in Bristol, with other locations ranging from Glasgow to Brighton. The aggressive campaign has left several branches vandalized with shattered windows and graffiti. Palestine Action, known for its direct action blockades against companies such as Elbit Systems, an Israeli-owned arms firm with a UK office near Bristol, has made its presence felt in Bristol’s city center through ongoing protests against businesses with ties to Israel.

In response to the vandalism, a Barclays representative stressed the institution’s role in providing essential financial services to US, UK, and European public companies supplying defense products to NATO and its allies. The spokesperson clarified that Barclays does not engage in direct investment in these companies, underlining the importance of the defense sector in national security and emphasizing that decisions on arms embargoes fall within the purview of elected governments.

Meanwhile, in Denver, a significant victory has been achieved in the fight against human trafficking. A Colorado man, Robert Earl Hawkins, was sentenced last week to 448 years in prison for human trafficking-related offenses. Hawkins exploited four adult women and two children in Denver, preying on the victims’ vulnerabilities, using physical violence and threats to keep the victims under his control, and profiting from the sale of their bodies. This sentence sends a clear message that human trafficking of any kind will not be tolerated.

In a lighter note, a peculiar trend has emerged in the world of competitive sports. A hobby horse rider on TikTok has expressed her frustration that people are not taking her hobby horsing seriously. Hobby horsing allows vegans to take part in "dressage" - a form of horse riding performed in exhibitions and competitions—without riding an actual horse. The rider displayed the mental, physical, and emotional anguish that comes with hobby horsing, hoping to gain more respect for the sport. However, many remain skeptical about the legitimacy of hobby horsing as a competitive sport.

These stories highlight the complex intersection of environmental, geopolitical, and social issues, as well as the ongoing efforts to combat crime and promote justice.


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