Seinfeld Spices Up Duke Commencement with Harvard Dig and Life Advice

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Posted 11 days ago

In a recent commencement speech at Duke University, comedian Jerry Seinfeld took a jab at Harvard University, calling it out for its current state compared to how it used to be, suggesting that Duke has taken its place. The speech took an unexpected turn as several anti-Israel students walked out of the ceremony upon Seinfeld's introduction, chanting "free Palestine."

While some students chose to protest against the comedian's support for Israel, Seinfeld chose to focus on imparting advice to Duke's graduates. He shared his "three real keys to life," emphasizing the importance of putting in effort, paying attention, and falling in love with everything they do.

During his speech, Seinfeld encouraged the graduates to give their all, even if uncertain about the outcome, highlighting the value of effort. He also emphasized the significance of falling in love with various aspects of life, including mundane objects, sharing his own experiences of finding joy in seemingly insignificant things.

Seinfeld's personal connection to Israel was also mentioned, as he visited the country in December and had a poignant meeting with individuals impacted by the conflict in Gaza. Reflecting on his Jewish identity and the issue of antisemitism, the comedian shared insights into his perspective and experiences in relation to his heritage.

The incident at Duke University, where Seinfeld's speech intersected with political sentiments, offers a glimpse into the complexities of navigating differing viewpoints in public spaces.

Source: Fox News - "Jerry Seinfeld mocks Harvard University during Duke commencement speech"


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