CNN Reporter: Got robbed. Again.

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 12 days ago

A CNN reporter got a reality check in San Francisco, where crime is booming, and muggers are running amok on the streets! Kyung Lah, the reporter in question, was in San Francisco covering the city's escalating crime rates when robbers broke into her rental car and gave her a taste of their criminal ways. Can you believe it, folks? Even news networks like CNN aren't immune to the skyrocketing crime rates plaguing urban areas across the country!

To make matters worse, CNN had hired an armed security guard to protect their rental car, but it looks like these criminals were more than a match for the security team. It took them less than four seconds to break into Kyung's rental car and vandalize it. Shocking, isn't it? The thieves also had the audacity to rob her of her ID and passport. How scary is that?! What is happening to our justice system?

The security guard took a picture of the license plate of the villains' getaway car after failing to apprehend them. And Kyung, understandably shaken by the incident, shared a warning on Twitter for all future visitors to San Francisco.

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