YouTube star famed for 'leave Britney alone!' video is now a transgender OnlyFans model

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 13 days ago

Have you heard of Chris Crocker, the famous Britney Spears fan who famously cried out "Leave Britney alone!" back in 2007? Well, Chris has recently undergone a transition and emerged as glamorous transgender OnlyFans model, Cara Cunningham. At 33 years old, Cara underwent breast implants and facial feminisation surgery, making her almost unrecognisable from her old Chris days. Cara now dons a long blonde wig, double C-cup cleavage, and voluptuous curves, which she happily showcases on her OnlyFans account. Unfortunately, trolls have been attacking Cara for how she chooses to pay her bills, disrupting her living as an adult content creator. When one fan demanded that she stop promoting her OnlyFans online, Cara responded, stating that she shouldn't be attacked for simply trying to earn a living on the adult subscription site. Despite the backlash, Cara remains proud of her music career, having recently released a single titled Messy.

Cara opened up about her transition in a heartfelt Instagram post, stating that she was finally in a place where she could embrace her true self. Her transition has been a lonely process in terms of emotional support from others, but she is happy knowing she is doing this for herself and what she's needed for her gender dysphoria. In fact, as her transition progresses, she will no longer go by Chris - it's Cara now. Furthermore, the internet star sold the "Leave Britney alone!" video as an NFT for more than $43,000, using the money to fund her transition.


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