CNN host suggests 'MAGA' Trump supporters would have defended OJ Simpson during murder trial


CNN host Kasie Hunt suggested on Friday that supporters of former President Donald Trump would have defended O. J. Simpson during his infamous murder trial.

Simpson, the legendary NFL running back whose reputation was permanently shattered after he was accused of a brutal double murder, died on Wednesday following a battle with cancer, according to his family.

He was put on trial after his June 1994 arrest in connection with the brutal slayings of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. He was eventually acquitted in one of the most controversial trial verdicts in American history.

During an appearance on "CNN This Morning," anti-Trump GOP strategist Sarah Longwell claimed there were some very "Trump" elements in the Simpson trial that resonated on a cultural level.

"As a culture, everyone kind of knows Trump is guilty the way we all knew that O. J. was guilty, but there's a lot of people invested in it being about something else beyond the guilt, right? Because these figures are so towering and so big that they become stand-ins, they become cultural totems as opposed to just people convicted or people being accused of crimes," she said during the media discussion.

She added that both Trump and Simpson had or have the ability to make themselves into victims during their respective moments in the spotlight.... (Read more)

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