Conservative California school board members ousted after trans-related parental notification policies


Two Orange, California school board members were ousted from their positions after a recall election.

Madison Klovstad Miner and Rick Ledesma, the Trustee Area 4 and Trustee Area 7 representatives on the Orange Unified School District Board of Education in California, faced a recall effort on March. According to Ballotpedia, a majority of residents approved the recall, voting in favor of removing them from their positions.

"I just wanted to say a smooth transition of power is part of democracy and while those efforts have been hindered over the last year, I as a board trustee will not contribute to that destruction," Miner said, according to CBS News.

"It has been an honor to serve this community and I will continue to do as I was prior to this election."

"I want to thank the OUSD voting community — generation upon generation that voted for me — over 25 years I've been on this board, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart," Ledesma said.

Orange residents questioned the once conservative majority Board after they voted to ban the LGBTQ+ Pride flag and to temporarily suspend books deemed "age inappropriate."

Furthermore, the Los Angeles Times reported that the "fiercely contested recall election in the Orange Unified School District intensified with the board majority’s approval in the fall of a parent-notification policy requiring educators to inform parents when a student requests ‘to be identified as a gender other than that student’s biological sex or the gender listed on the birth certificate or any other official records.’"... (Read more)

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