Trump teases possible rally at New York City venues, predicts migrant crisis could sway Democrat voters


Former President Trump teased possible rallies in New York City at Madison Square Garden and in the South Bronx during an interview with Fox News that aired Sunday.

"Sunday Morning Futures" host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump if he believes he could flip blue states like New York and New Jersey, noting there is a rumor he is planning a rally in the South Bronx.

"Yeah, I think I will do that," Trump said of the South Bronx rally. "And I think I'll do one maybe at Madison Square Garden."

"Do I think we have a chance? New York has changed a lot in the last two years. We have migrants all over the street. They are living on Madison Avenue," Trump said. "Nobody can believe what's happened to New York. The people of New York are angry. People that would have never voted for me because I'm a Republican. I mean, they're Democrats. Their parents were Democrats. They would vote for Democrats. I think they're going to vote for me. So I think we're going to give New York a heavy shot. They're very unhappy in New York. What's happening? And they're unhappy with the crime. You take a look at the crime in New York, it's at record levels. The other thing is, and very importantly, New Jersey, I think New Jersey can be flipped. I think that Virginia can be flipped. I think that New Mexico could be flipped. And I think Minnesota could be flipped. And I'm not even sure that everything can't be flipped."

A native New Yorker whose real estate ventures helped build the New York City skyline, Trump has come under fire in the Empire State, where New York Attorney General Letitia James has been vying to drive the former president's business from the state. Trump has repeatedly blasted James' investigation as politically motivated. Also in New York, a jury ordered Trump to pay more than $83 million in the defamation case brought by his accuser, E. Jean Carroll, but Trump's legal team has vowed to appeal the civil judgment.... (Read more)

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