Migrant arrested in spat with police after showing off NYPD attack video


Video shows New York City police arresting a migrant in Manhattan Thursday night after he exchanged words with passing officers and appeared to play a recent attack on a pair of police officers on his phone for other men.

The man, wearing an orange puffer jacket and sagging pants, was seen taking a hit from a pipe and stumbling on the sidewalk outside the Roosevelt Hotel after playing the clip. He was eventually patted down and taken away in handcuffs.


An NYPD spokesperson said officers arrested Yoiber Martinez, 19, on charges of disorderly conduct, disrupting traffic and possession of a controlled substance.

The same man arrested Thursday appeared earlier in the day walking out of a Manhattan courthouse alongside one of the suspects in the police assault, Jhoan Boada, 22, who gave news cameras two middle fingers when he was released from custody.

The two laughed at journalists who asked them, "is that how you respect this country?"

Police allegedly observed him obstructing pedestrian traffic and say he had failed to provide identification before they brought him to the 18th Precinct building, where they found an unknown substance in his pocket. There was an unrelated motor vehicle crash at the same location, police said.

Surveillance video of a mob of migrants attacking two NYPD officers emerged Saturday before police captured seven suspects — only to see most of them freed without bail.... (Read more)

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