Florida mom defends OnlyFans ad on car after parents at Christian school complain: 'It supports my family'


A Florida mom said she's been forced to drop her kids off across the street from their Christian school after her car's advertisement for her risqué side hustle upset some parents.

Parents at Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares, said Michelle Cline's large car decal advertising her OnlyFans account is inappropriate for children.

"It’s not just a tiny little emblem on the back of a car," parent Lexy Thomas told WFTV. "It is taking up the entire back windshield of two vehicles."

OnlyFans is a website that allows customers pay for access to "exclusive" content they won’t find on other social media platforms, and is well-known for its sexual content.

Cline admitted to WFTV that her advertisement does link to "explicit content," but that it's a legal business that brings in good income for her family.

She wants to keep the decal on her car to bring in more customers.

"My husband and I had this, you know little wild, behind closed-doors lifestyle that we’ve now decided to share," Cline explained.... (Read more)

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