Yale dance group promotes fundraiser for ‘Palestinian anarchist fighters' on stage projection screen


A Yale dance group promoted pro-anarchy Palestinian fundraisers during at least two performances over the weekend.

Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale included a QR code labeled "Support Palestine" on its on-stage projection screen next to the QR code for the show’s program that directed audience members to an Instagram post on the account @desolasol.colectiva, which read "Collection of resources to aid Palestine," Yale Daily News reported.

The next slide listed donation information for four groups: the Middle East Children’s Alliance, Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, Medical Aid for Palestinians and Gaza Mutual Aid Collective, while the third slide included a graphic alongside a title reading "Support Palestinian anarchist fighters," as well as a Venmo handle that Yale Daily News reported no longer exists.

The post also tagged @abolishtheusa, which posts content in support of Fauda and describes itself as an "anarchist movement in Palestine" that associates with Hamas. A Fauda member in an interview described the organization as one of "15 anti-Zionist resistance groups in Palestine," which includes Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Kitab al-Aqsa, according to the account.

"All resistance groups are together and follow the same goal," a post by a Fauda member on the account read. "We should not divide them. Israel wants to divide between the left and groups like H***s and use this division for its own benefit. So we must be alert and not play in the enemy's playground."

In the early morning hours of October 7, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel, killing 1,400 Israelis and taking 240 people, including Americans, hostage inside the Gaza Strip. Since then, Israel and Hamas have been at war.

The co-presidents of Ballet Folklórico sent an email to members of the group on Monday that addressed the decision to include the QR code hours before the first show "without consulting the board or membership," according to Yale Daily News. They said the decision was a "substantial oversight" and apologized to members of the dance group who were "unwillingly and unknowingly aligned" with the statements.

"We realize this post brought considerable damage to the Jewish community," Ballet Folklórico’s four co-presidents wrote in the email. "We should have been more prudent with our choice of platform and should have looked beyond the resources provided on the second slide and noted the damaging material on the third."... (Read more)

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