MIT faces backlash for not expelling anti-Israel protesters over 'visa issues': 'Who is in charge?'


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was blasted this week after its administrators acknowledged the university stopped short of expelling anti-Israel student protesters because of "visa issues."

MIT President Sally Kornbluth said in a statement Nov. 9 that the school would merely suspend students who participated in the disruptive protest from non-academic campus activities to avoid "collateral consequences for the students, such as visa issues." One day earlier, the Coalition Against Apartheid, a pro-Palestinian student group, conducted a large protest that Kornbluth confirmed defied MIT policies governing student actions.

"In late morning, the face-to-face confrontation between the protesters and counterprotesters intensified," Kornbluth said. "We had serious concerns that it could lead to violence. To prevent further escalation and protect the physical safety of everyone present – including both student protesters and passers-by in our busiest lobby — the administration felt it was essential to take action."

"The students will remain enrolled at MIT and will be able to attend academic classes and labs," she continued, noting some of the protesters' "visa issues." "We will refer this interim action to the Ad Hoc Complaint Response Team, which includes the chair of the Committee on Discipline, for final adjudication."

MIT was quickly criticized for the decision because, prior to the disruptive protest, the school threatened to expel any students who acted in violation of its guidance and policies regarding such actions. Kornbluth's statement, they argued, appeared to contradict that previous promise.

"So MIT was going to suspend these students for clearly and deliberately violating the rules after repeated warnings, but decided not to because it could lead to their visas being revoked," A. G. Hamilton, a conservative comentator and author, wrote on X. "It seems that’s something the students should have considered beforehand…"... (Read more)

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