Miranda Devine: Comer's subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden notching investigation to 'very aggressive level'


New York Post columnist Miranda Devine told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that Republican Rep. James Comer's subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden were notching the probe to a "very aggressive level."

"I think this is the next phase. The subpoenas that James Comer signed last week and the requests for various associates and family members of the Bidens to come in for transcribed interviews is really notching it up to a very aggressive level. And this is why you see Hunter Biden's lawyer panicking, writing to the speaker, Mike Johnson, and saying, ‘call your dogs off.’ This is why you're seeing hit jobs on James Comer spreading out through the so-called prestige media," she said.

Devine said the Bidens know that Comer "has the receipts."

"And one by one, he'll be wrapping up these various Biden family members, including Hunter and James Biden," she said, adding that Comer also had his eyes on one of President Biden's donors.

"It's alarming to me that Democrats are trying to deny what we have learned from the House Oversight Committee. Do you think they're just trying to support their guy or is it partly because the media, they know will give them a pass by not reporting any of this?" Bartiromo asked.

Devine said it was both, and said that there were a lot of people "compromised by the fact that they've covered up for the Biden family."... (Read more)

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