Ex-Trump Education official calls on Biden to probe federal funds to colleges allowing antisemitism


A top former Trump administration official told FOX News on Saturday that the Department of Education has the power to investigate the conduct of colleges where antisemitic and/or pro-Hamas protests are occurring, and where Jewish students have felt threatened.

Kenneth Marcus, the founder of the Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, told "Life, Liberty & Levin" it is incumbent upon President Biden and Secretary Miguel Cardona to make sure no taxpayer funds are even indirectly facilitating the spread of hate on-campus.

Host Mark Levin said the Education Department can try to ensure or force proper behavior while not suppressing free speech.

Marcus noted authorities have not been shy about condemning or blocking causes of simpler "microaggressions" and said taxpayers must be comfortable in their belief that on-campus intimidation and hate is not being fueled by their own monies.

"That is the whole purpose for why we have an agency called OCR [USDOE Office of Civil Rights]. That's the agency that I formerly ran. And its sole obligation is to make sure that federal funds are not used to support discriminatory behavior," he said.

"It does this on a whole host of other issues. It needs to do it with antisemitism."

Marcus said the Biden administration has signaled it is welcoming but waiting for complaints to be filed in that respect. But, he added his organization, the Brandeis Center, are or will be filing complaints – though that Cardona doesn't have to wait for public pressure to audit the situation himself.

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