Haley sees biggest lead over Biden among GOP rivals in hypothetical matchup, poll finds


A new poll finds that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is the only 2024 Republican presidential candidate with such a lead over President Biden in a hypothetical matchup that it exceeds the margin of error.

A Thursday CNN poll found that former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and other major GOP candidates would be in a dead heat with Biden in the general election with the margin of error factored in. Only Haley showed a clear advantage in polling.

The poll found that Trump enjoyed 47% support from respondents compared to Biden's 46%, but the results were within the poll's margin of error. Former Vice President Mike Pence's result was also within the margin of error, beating out Biden 46% to 44%. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S. C., received the same result as Pence, while businessman Vivek Ramaswamy trailed Biden 45% to 46%. DeSantis was in a dead heat with Biden at 47% each.

Haley was the only one to escape the margin of error, however, beating Biden with a solid 49% support to his 43%.

Republican primary polling tells a different story, however, with every candidate trailing miles behind Trump. DeSantis is the only Trump challenger consistently polling in the double digits.

Haley, who served as U. S. ambassador to the United Nations under Trump, is basing her campaign on her foreign policy expertise and her experience as governor of South Carolina.... (Read more)

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