Trans Disc Golfer Tossed from Calif. Tournament Wins Tournament in Virginia


Male-born disc golfer Natalie Ryan who was tossed out of a women’s tournament in California this month, has now won another first-place finish in a tournament in Virginia.

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) won an appeal on May 13 to keep its rules in place that restrict transgender athletes after trans “female” competitor Natalie Ryan filed a discrimination suit from which he was given a temporary right to compete in the woman’s category in the organization’s tournament in California.

Ryan had begun the tournament but was barred from finishing it after the organization prevailed in court in the midst of the weekend’s games.

Now, after being tossed out of the tournament in California, the disc golfer entered a tournament in Virginia in the women’s category and took first place.

Ryan entered the Lake Marshall Open in Montross, Virginia, and beat out five other women to earn a $356 winner’s purse.

He didn’t just beat the second-place woman, either. Instead, he walloped her with a 24-point lead.

Natalie took home another 1st place finish this weekend, right here in VA at The Lake Marshall Open ??... (Read more)

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