Colin Kaepernick Claims His 6-Year Absence Proves NFL Not Woke Enough


In a new interview, former NFL second-string quarterback and national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick said that without him, the league still isn’t woke enough and hasn’t changed since he last played pro football in 2017.

Speaking to NPR’s Juana Summers, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback said that there had been no “substantial change” for the better to advance his pet social issues even though the league has thrown more than $300 million at community groups, left-wing anti-cop organizations, and other groups that support the exact same issues that Kaepernick pushes with his various charitable efforts and political activism, according to Fox News.

He then hinted that his absence from the NFL has had something to do with that lack of “change.”

“I think there is a lot of work to do on that front. Obviously, not playing and being out of the NFL for six years is an indictment on where they are currently at. So I wouldn’t put them at the forefront of goodwill and best of intentions in how they operate,” he said.

Summers also asked if leaving the NFL in 2017 was a chance for him to do something greater than football.... (Read more)

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