Elon Musk raises concerns over advanced AI that 'eliminates or constrains humanity's growth'


Elon Musk again warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence in an interview on Tuesday.

"There is a risk that advanced AI either eliminates or constrains humanity's growth," the billionaire said at The Wall Street Journal's CEO Council Summit, adding that the technology is a "double-edged sword" and compared it to a mythical genie.

"If you have a genie that can grant you everything that can also do anything, that necessarily presents a danger," he continued.

Musk expects that the first government uses of AI to be in weapons technology.

He was asked about a scenario with AI that "keeps him up at night."

"I don’t think that AI's going to try to destroy all of humanity, but it might put us under strict controls," Musk said in the interview, although he noted that there is a "non-zero chance of [AI] going full ‘Terminator’" in the future.... (Read more)

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