Drunk driver, 25, who killed bride on wedding night gets family visits


A woman charged with killing a South Carolina bride on her wedding night while driving drunk received special treatment in Charleston County jail.

Jamie Lee Komoroski, 25, had in-person visits from her family - a privilege not normally extended to inmates - that were organized by Charleston County Sheriff Kristin Graziano, according to jail call recordings obtained by the Post and Courier.

The sheriff's office told the newspaper that Graziano deals with such matters on a 'case-by-case basis' and that she considers it her public duty look after the inmates in her agency's care.

Recordings of jail phone calls also reveal Komoroski complained about not having an exercise mat to do crunches and a lack of writing materials.

Komoroski had a blood alcohol level three times higher than the legal driving limit when on April 28 she crashed a Toyota Camry into newlyweds Samantha Miller, 34, and Aric Hutchinson, 36 - killing the bride and injuring the groom and others.

According to policy, listed on the jail's website, the jail 'uses video visitation to minimize the potential introduction of contraband during the visitation process and to reduce resident movement.'

Sheriff Graziano also met with Komoroski personally at one point, according to the Post and Courier.

'She's really nice, and I think she's gonna help me,' Komoroski said of Sheriff Graziano in one of the calls obtained by the newspaper.

'Things are looking up,' she said.

In another instance she referred to the sheriff by her first name, and Komoroski's father corrected her and encouraged her to refer to them as 'Sheriff Graziano'.

In a separate call, Komoroski asked her father how he knew the 'deputy sheriff lady.'

He suggested he had communicated with Sheriff Graziano through texts and a phone call. He explained that Graziano 'had a relationship' with Komoroski's attorney Christopher Gramiccioni, and that the lawyer had encouraged him to call the sheriff.

'So that's how the whole thing went with Sheriff Graziano,' he explained to his daughter.

Komoroski was allegedly going 65mph in a 25mph zone and her blood alcohol content was 0.261 - more than three times the driving limit. She smashed into a golf cart, causing the buggy to be thrown 100 yards by Komoroski's Toyota.... (Read more)

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