64-year-old retired officer injured after he chases down suspected burglar, gets into a fist fight with him and a shootout in Texas


A retired police officer has been hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds after he chased down a suspected burglar in his truck, hopped out, and got into a fistfight with the man, and then in a shootout.

Patches Mohhamad told KTRK-TV that she saw an armed intruder in her home in the Highland Crossing neighborhood of the city of Highlands from her surveillance video cameras, but she was not in the home at the time.

"I almost passed out," she said. "I'll tell you the truth. It's like looking at a movie. I can't believe this man is standing in my kitchen. In my living room."

She said that the man appeared to run off after her alarms went off in the home.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said that the suspected intruder was then confronted by a retired Baytown police officer who also lived in the neighborhood and had seen him allegedly break into homes.

The 64-year-old used his white Chevy Suburban to chase down the man, who was on foot, and then hopped out of his truck and confronted him.

An eyewitness who didn't want to be identified told KTRK that he saw the two men fighting.

"I was going home, and I saw these guys rolling around, holding each other's shirt, and I said, 'Man, that didn't look right,'" the witness explained. "So I reached down to grab my phone to call 911 and heard three gunshots."... (Read more)

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