'It was very traumatizing': Loose pet monkey attacks woman in Dickson


Dickson, Okla. (KOKH) — A Carter County woman says she was attacked and injured by a neighbor's pet monkey while in her own front yard Sunday afternoon.

Dickson police say the 911 call was one of the most unusual calls they have ever received.

"I was sitting here in this exact spot and I looked out the window and there was a monkey looking at me," victim Brittany Parker said. "I took a second glance and said 'Oh my God! There is a monkey on the front porch.'"

Parker says she was stunned.

"The monkey was trying to get into my house," Parker said. "The little button that you push in on the screen door, he broke it off. I was literally hanging onto my door trying to hold it closed."

Parker says she called police and went outside when officers got there.

That is when she was attacked.

"He jumped up on my back and landed on my head," Parker said. "He started grabbing handfuls of hair and just ripped it out. He ripped my ear almost completely off of my head."

Police say the monkey ran off after the attack.

"As we were looking for the primate, two shots were fired," Dickson police chief Tim Duncan said.... (Read more)

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