Area 51 Website Owner Raid, Damaged and Left Unanswered


The home of an Area 51 website owner was violently raided by more than a dozen armed FBI agents in November, and since then, Joerg Arnu has received minimal explanation for the bombardment that caused $25,000 in damages to his property.

Area 51 expert Joerg Arnu explained on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that the search was related to images he posted on his website.

"I can't get ahold of anyone. Three doors were kicked in. A country gate was busted. My girlfriend was dragged out of the house in Las Vegas. I was dragged out of the house in Rachel. And nobody can give us any answers," Arnu explained Friday.

Arnu has pleaded for an explanation from the U. S. Justice Department for months, but has largely remained in the dark.

"I published photos of Area 51 on my website, which is something I have done for 20 years without anyone really taking issue with it. And all of a sudden, this thing comes out of the blue crashing down on my homes. I really still don't have an explanation," the expert continued.

Arnu is an immigrant and expressed that he was completely stunned by the way the U. S. government handled the situation.

Host Tucker Carlson asked the Area 51 expert that if he had ever imagined something like this happening to him when he migrated to the United States, Arnu said "absolutely not."

"Absolutely not. I would have never expected this. If you would have told me three months ago that this could happen, I would have said absolutely impossible. I am really shocked that this can happen to a cooperating, innocent senior citizen who is really just wanting for looking for a peaceful retirement and who has a little hobby on the side to run a blog about Area 51. That's all I'm doing," he explained.... (Read more)

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