Biden admin slammed for 'very weak' response to protests over China's COVID lockdowns


Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) joined "Fox & Friends" Tuesday to call out the White House's "very weak" response to China's harsh COVID lockdowns, which have triggered widespread unrest in the country. Rubio said the White House knows many Democrats supported similar types of restrictions during the pandemic.

MARCO RUBIO: It's very weak and I think part of it is the self-awareness that there are people in the party of the president, the Democratic Party, who are governors, mayors, people in different parts of the country who actually wanted people arrested and in some cases did, who wanted people fined and businesses closed, who had people removed from airplanes, who had all kinds of things that were going on and all kinds of restrictions. Nothing compares to what the Chinese are willing to do to someone. So I'm not making that comparison.... (Read more)

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