Kanye West abruptly leaves Tim Pool podcast while discussing antisemitism charges


Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, went viral on Monday after he stormed out of an interview when being confronted about his antisemitism.

The embattled music superstar has been under fire over the past several weeks for his rhetoric towards Jewish people, particularly his tweet declaring he was going "death con 3" on the religious group.


Ye resurfaced in the news last week when he brought known antisemite and White nationalist Nick Fuentes to a meeting at Mar-a-Lago with former President Trump, who has been facing intense backlash for dining with two such controversial figures, especially since he announced his 2024 candidacy.

On Monday, Ye, joined by Fuentes and right-wing provocateur-turned-Ye 2024 campaign manager Milo Yiannopoulos, appeared on "Timcast" where host Tim Pool touched on the past comments and his meeting with Trump.

At the beginning of the discussion, Ye revealed that his meeting with Trump was scheduled before his "death con 3" tweet but was delayed and that the former president "had no idea" who Fuentes was.

Ye quickly spewed into antisemitic rhetoric by invoking top White House aides during the Obama and Trump administrations.

"I just gotta go right to the heart of this anti-Semite claim that's happening. This is something- if you read the definition, it says you can't claim that there's multiple people inside of banks, or in media that are all Jewish, or you're antisemitic. And that's the truth. Like, it's the truth," Ye said.

"Elaborate. Like, what do you mean?" Pool asked.

"I'm saying, like, I've been labeled antisemite, right? So there's different beliefs about our bloodlines, you know, like the documentary that Kyrie [Irving] posted and in general, America has been left ignorant and history has been changed," Ye responded. "So when we start questioning things that question the indoctrination, then you immediately, get you know… demonized, demonetized and what's so beautiful about this time is everyone got to see what's really been happening. And now we can really understand, we can see that Rahm Emanuel was next to Obama and Jared Kushner was right next to Trump."

During his rant, Ye told Pool he would "walk the f off of this show" if the interview turned into him defending himself.

Pool later challenged Ye for invoking Emmanuel and Kushner, asking him "isn't that an issue of these individuals" rather than their identity. The rapper continued with his stream of consciousness instead.... (Read more)

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