Ted Cruz goes off on alma mater Harvard, elite colleges: 'The Wuhan lab of the woke virus'


Since October 7th, a shocking display of antisemitism has surged throughout American higher education and across campuses in all corners of the country. On "America's Newsroom" Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, diagnosed the "profound sickness" at America's universities. The Harvard Law School graduate said major institutions in America have been "captured by the radical left."

SEN. TED CRUZ: There is a profound sickness at our universities. And sadly, Harvard is the locus for it. And you're right, this is the central topic in my brand new book 'Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America.' And in this book, I address how our elite institutions and how our major institutions in America have been captured by the radical left. And the very first chapter starts front and center with the universities. I call the universities the Wuhan lab of the woke virus. It's where it started. It's where it mutated. It's where it spread. You look at how messed up Harvard is that when the October 7th horrific attacks in Israel happened, when over 1,200 Israelis were murdered, when Hamas terrorists were raping women, were raping little girls, were murdering infants, were literally putting babies in an oven. How did Harvard react? 35 student groups put out a disgraceful statement saying all of the violence by Hamas terrorists is 100% the fault of Israel. …... (Read more)

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