Pro-life leader denounces FBI, DOJ's prosecution of activists: 'It's a different America'


The recent arrests and federal charges against pro-life activists represent a "blatant politicization" of the government, Life Issues Institute President Bradley Mattes told FOX News Digital.

Mattes, who has spent over 40 years involved in the pro-life movement, discussed his concerns over reports from Department of Justice (DOJ) that three activists were convicted of federal civil rights conspiracy and freedom of access to clinic entrances (FACE) act offenses after protesting outside a clinic. Based on the charges, each defendant faces up to 11 years in prison, three years of probation and a fine of up to $350,000.

By contrast, Mattes noted, pro-choice activists have hardly been prosecuted.

"It's a blatant politicization of the FBI and Department of Justice. Our government is being weaponized against us. They are using these resources against their political foes, people who dare disagree with them. It is something that really Americans should look at, and it should send a chill up their spine, because this is not the America we know and loved. It's a different America now. And I'm really worried about the future, not just for pro-lifers, but anybody who stands up for the truth and integrity," Mattes said.

During a House Judiciary Committee meeting on Wednesday, Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, reported that the DOJ prosecuted 126 instances of alleged crimes by pro-life groups but only four instances of alleged crimes by pro-choice groups under U. S. Attorney General Merrick Garland's tenure.

"[The DOJ] say that they are not biased against pro-lifers, they're not biased against faithful Catholics. But that's not true. Congress has seen the memos. They've seen the emails. All that clearly demonstrates there is a bias. They just can't lie their way out of it," Mattes said.... (Read more)

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