Hunter Biden's lawyer hits Marjorie Taylor Greene with ethics complaint over censured nude Hunter photos


Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden's attorney, filed an ethics complaint Friday against Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green after she displayed censured nude photos of the president's son at a committee hearing Wednesday.

Lowell demanded the Office of Congressional Ethics "immediately" examine Greene's actions, which he called "abhorrent behavior that blatantly violates House Ethics rules and standards of official conduct" in his message to the watchdog.

"Now more than ever, the House has a duty to make loud and clear that it does not endorse, condone, or agree with her outrageous, undignified conduct and brazen violations of the standards of official conduct that do not reflect creditably on the House of Representatives," Lowell wrote in a letter, which The Hill first reported.

Lowell's request stems from Greene holding up several graphic photos from Hunter Biden's laptop during a committee hearing Wednesday where IRS whistleblowers alleged misconduct in investigations into the Biden family.

The House Oversight Committee interviewed two IRS whistleblowers — Special Agent Joseph Ziegler, whose identity was revealed during the hearing, and his IRS supervisor Gary Shapley — who alleged political misconduct throughout the Hunter Biden investigation.

Shapley previously blew the whistle on alleged political influence surrounding prosecutorial decisions throughout the yearslong federal probe into President Biden's son.... (Read more)

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