Son of Home Depot worker assaulted by shoplifter pleads for action on retail crime: 'Has to be consequences'


The son of a Home Depot worker who died after confronting a shoplifter last year says there needs to be "consequences" for these crimes, which are at an all-time high according to some retail experts.

Employee Gary Rasor asked a shoplifter for a receipt as he was exiting a North Carolina Home Depot store last October when the 26-year-old suspect Terry McMillian Jr. violently shoved him to the floor. Rasor died from his injuries a few weeks later after turning 83 years old.

Jeff Rasor told ABC's "Nightline" on Thursday that his father Gary loved his job and never dreamed it would endanger his life.

Rasor wants authorities to crackdown on the growing threat of organized retail crime rings, ABC reported. Law enforcement and retailers say these criminals have become more violent.

"There has to be consequences in my mind, and the consequences have to fit the crime," he said. "I can't imagine that any piece of equipment in Home Depot is worth a life -- and so when you find out it's $837, it's just pretty bad."

Rasor believed his father would rather see the man who fatally shoved him be doing something productive with his life rather than sitting in jail. But he also thinks his father would want people to realize how dangerous these crimes have become.

"I would like very much for people to understand that my dad would want, right, people to focus on this and say, 'we’ve finally gone too far,'" he told "Nightline."

The man who shoved Rasor has been charged with robbery and first degree murder and his case is currently pending, the Hillsborough Police Department said.... (Read more)

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