School district removes 'sexual' book series about students attempting to assassinate their alien teacher


A public school district in Wisconsin told Fox News Digital Thursday that a recently added book series, which parents criticized as both violent and sexual, would no longer be available in its e-library.

Elmbrook Schools previously added five volumes from the "Assassination Classroom" series, which details the plot by a group of students to assassinate their alien teacher, to its e-library starting with the 2021-2022 school year. The series was previously endorsed by the district's librarians, according to an email exchange provided to Fox News Digital by a concerned parent.

"After applying our current book acquisition guidelines to this series we have decided to remove these books from our collection," the district wrote in a statement to Fox News Digital, stating they made their decision Thursday morning.

Book Looks' description of Volume 1 in the series warns it "contains explicit violence; mild profanity; and sexual activities."

The science fiction "manga" series, which is a type of comic or graphic novel originating from Japan, documents the repeated attempts by a group of students to assassinate their alien teacher, and includes sexualized content and pictures of students bringing guns and knives into class.

"Ever caught yourself screaming, ‘I could just kill that teacher?’ What would it take to justify such antisocial behavior and weeks of detention?" the Amazon description of the series reads.

One of the books introduces a female assassin hired as an English teacher at the school, who uses her "womanly charms" to kill her targets, according to Book Looks, which provides reviews of books parents may be concerned about.... (Read more)

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