Tyre Nichols' Final Moments


The Memphis Police Department released bodycam footage Friday evening showing Tyre Nichols’ final moments following a traffic stop on Jan. 7 before he was hospitalized and died three days later.

Nichols, a 29-year-old Black father and photographer, repeatedly called out to his mother and told five officers who were severely beating him — former Ofcs. Desmond Mills, Justin Smith, Emmitt Martin, Tadarrius Bean and Demetrius Haley — that he just wanted to make it home safely, the newly released bodycam video shows.

"I’m just trying to go home," Nichols can be heard telling the officers in the footage, which was released to the public on Jan. 27, nearly three weeks after the incident.

The traffic stop began shortly after 8 p.m. on the night of Jan. 7, as the newly released bodycam video shows officers approaching Nichols’ vehicle and instructing him to get out of it, using profanities.

"Get out slowly," the officers yelled, as Nichols appeared to remain in the vehicle. The officer’s bodycam does not show if Nichols is removing his seatbelt or otherwise complying with the request.

"Get your a— out of the car," an officer yells before opening the driver's door, grabbing Nichols, and removing him from the vehicle.

"Stop, I didn’t do anything," said Nichols, who initially appears to resist the officers before following their instructions. "OK, all right, alright, alright, alright, alright," he echos, following the officers as they escort him toward the rear of the vehicle.

At this time, approximately 8:24 p.m., multiple officers can be seen forcibly grabbing Nichols to comply with their requests.

"Hey, you don’t do that, ok," Nichols can be heard saying, drawing attention to the ferocity of their detainment.

The interaction swiftly escalates as Nichols continued to point out he believed they were acting out of line.... (Read more)

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