Walmart Worker Stands Up to Shoplifting Duo


* Two shoplifters tried to leave Walmart with shopping carts stuffed to the brim

* They were not expecting a worker to challenge them and hold onto their carts

* 'Walmart please give this woman a raise,' the TikTok poster implored

A Walmart worker was caught on camera being bashed about the head after two would-be thieves tried to walk out of the store pushing a couple of shopping carts filled to the brim.

In a short clip posted to TikTok, two brazen shoplifters were caught on cellphone footage pushing their fully loaded carts toward the exit of the store.

Suddenly a heroic shop worker places themselves in between both carts and attempts to stop them from leaving.

One of the thieves then grabs several coat hangers and begins hitting the female shop worker over the head several times.

The employee ducks down in an attempt to avoid being struck but it makes little difference.

A second shoplifting accomplice then appears while wearing a bright red towel over their head, in an attempt to avoid being identified.

Rather than face the shop worker, they instead head straight out of the door knowing the jig is up.... (Read more)

Submitted 4 days ago

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