Lauren Boebert’s Race Ordered To Recount After Opponent Concedes


Colorado’s Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold ordered a mandatory recount of the state’s third congressional district Wednesday after incumbent Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s narrow win.

Democratic candidate Adam Frisch conceded to Boebert after Boebert took the lead by 550 votes, putting the race within 0.5 percent margin of the winner’s total.

“The results of the District 3 race reinforce the fact that every vote matters,” Griswold said in a statement. “Colorado voters have made their voices heard, and I am ordering this recount in accordance with Colorado law to confirm the will of the voters.”

Counties within the district must complete the recount by Dec. 13. Each county must “complete a logic and accuracy test (LAT) on the required tabulation equipment. Following the LAT tests, the counties will begin recounting all ballots for the US House District 3 race in the same manner they were processed during the election,” Griswold’s office stated.... (Read more)

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