Trump-backed Republican wins in California, boosting House majority to 220 seats


Republican Kevin Kiley defeated Democratic challenger Kermit Jones to win California's 3rd Congressional seat, raising the GOP's House majority to 220 seats.

Kiley won the race with 52.8% compared to Jones's 47.2%, with 84% of the vote counted. The Republican announced on Twitter last week that he had won the race, claiming that his win secured a House majority for Republicans before it was officially called.

In another GOP win for California, Rep. David Valadao (R) will once again represent the state's 22nd Congressional District after defeating Assemblyman Rudy Salas (D) on Monday night.

Kiley, who was endorsed by Donald Trump, was one of the former president's few successes in the 2022 midterm elections. Several Republican leaders, who were expecting a red wave, blamed Trump for their less-than-expected outcomes after the party failed to flip the Senate or win the House majority by as wide of a margin as projected.

The California Republican received a lot of support after targeting the country's rising crime and inflation rates, a campaign platform used by many Republicans to sway voters.... (Read more)

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