Taylor Lorenz rips Elon Musk on BBC: He has made Twitter a 'disaster'


Washington Post tech and online culture reporter Taylor Lorenz skewered Elon Musk’s management of Twitter, calling it a "disaster" during a recent interview on BBC World News.

Lorenz also ripped the billionaire for calling himself an advocate of free speech, saying he has gone to "insane lengths to silence people" on the platform.

Lorenz’s BBC spot aired on the international channel last week, providing commentary in the wake of Musk laying off several workers and asking Twitter employees to commit to either work "extremely hardcore" or leave the company.

Lorenz did not pull her punches. Right out of the gate, she stated, "Well it’s an absolute disaster, as you mentioned. You know Elon has basically alienated the vast majority of the company, telling everyone that unless they basically clicked a link last night and agreed to be ‘hardcore,’ you know, they were gonna be out of a job."

"And most Twitter employees said that they’d rather leave than agree to those terms," she added.

The host asked what "hardcore" meant, to which Lorenz replied, "It’s completely unclear." She claimed that "Elon has kinda been firing people at whim, um he has notoriously fired people who have spoken out or just retweeted or engaged with negative tweets about him or posted something making fun of him in Slack."

She then characterized him as an overbearing dictator running the show.

"I think hardcore basically means unwavering loyalty to Elon," she said.

Lorenz also said that "a lot of former Twitter employees are just grateful to be out of there," adding that before Musk, Twitter had a "really positive and open culture and one of free speech and transparency."... (Read more)

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