Murkowski, Peltola win in Alaska


The Nov. 8 races were the first general elections held under Alaska’s new ranked-choice-voting scheme. Murkowski beat fellow Republican Kelly Tshibaka, 53.7 percent to 46.3 percent, after the second-choice votes from supporters of the third- and fourth-place candidates were reallocated in Wednesday’s tabulation.

Murkowski drew Trump’s ire repeatedly during and after his four years as president, with her February 2021 vote to convict Trump as the capstone. Though Murkowski joined six other Republican senators in voting for Trump’s conviction, she was the only one on the ballot this year.

“I am honored that Alaskans — of all regions, backgrounds and party affiliations — have once again granted me their confidence to continue working with them and on their behalf in the U. S. Senate,” Murkowski said in a statement after the results were announced.

Murkowski first joined the Senate in 2002, when she was appointed by her father, then-Gov. Frank Murkowski, to fill a vacant seat. This wasn’t the first time she’s faced opposition from conservativates: In her 2010 reelection bid, Murkowski was defeated by a right-wing primary challenger, Joe Miller, but came back to beat Miller in the general election as a write-in candidate.... (Read more)

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