Democrat DA in Texas Rescinds Policy to Not Prosecute Thefts Between $100 and $750


Dallas County District Attorney John Cruezot on Monday announced he would rescind his policy not to prosecute Class B misdemeanor thefts of necessary items between $100 and $750.

The Democrat DA said he made the decision to end the policy based on data analysis showing the policy had no effect on crime.

“Through data analysis and conversation with community organizations, retailers, and independent loss prevention specialists, I found the policy had zero effect on crime in the community – positive or negative,” Cruzeot said in a press release. (pdf)

A request for information from the DA’s office about the data had not been answered at the time of publication.

“This policy targets a very narrow class of offense and was instituted in an effort to decriminalize poverty, but instead, the policy has been misrepresented and politicized, and those who have done that have created a sense of mistrust about this office,” he continued. “Keep in mind, thefts under $100 are Class C Misdemeanors and do not come to the DA’s office, rather they are handled in Municipal Court.”

The theft policy was part of Cruezot’s “sweeping justice reform policies” plan in April 2019 to reduce incarcerations. (pdf)

The decision to change the policy came less than two weeks after winning a second term. Cruezot garnered 60 percent of the vote over Faith Johnson, a Republican predecessor who was appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott to replace DA Susan Hawk in 2016. Johnson has lost two runs against Cruezot.

Cruezot’s policy drew swift criticism and a call to step down from the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, the state’s largest police union, The Texas Tribune previously reported.... (Read more)

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