Budweiser seeking $47M from FIFA after last-minute alcohol ban: report


Qatar reversed its decision to allow the purchase of beer at the World Cup at the last minute.

Budweiser has been a major beer sponsor for the tournament since 1986 and has spent tens of millions of dollars for the exclusive rights to sell its products at the tournament.

But since it will generate nothing at the tournament that runs through mid-December, Budweiser is reportedly seeking around $47 million from FIFA following the last-minute change.

The Daily Mail reports that Anheuser-Busch has a $75 million deal with FIFA to be the official beer supplier of this year's tournament, and the deal for 2026 held in North America is worth $112 million.

Fans will still be able to purchase alcoholic beer at the FIFA Fan Festival, and those with luxury access are expected to retain access to champagne, wine and liquor.... (Read more)

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