Biden backers brace for Hunter Biden revelations ahead of GOP investigations


President Biden’s backers are laying the groundwork to discredit and downplay any forthcoming revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop after House Republicans announced plans to launch a federal investigation last week.

Ron Filipkowski, a former Republican and now ardent Democrat who pledged this month that he will be "forever grateful" to President Biden for saving the country from a second Donald Trump term, issued a tweet thread Monday arguing that while he has admittedly "avoided" the Hunter Biden subject for "a long time," there is no evidence to tie the first son’s business dealings to the president.

"It’s quite clear that Hunter was a very serious drug addict that went completely off the rails and did a lot of crazy stuff," Filipkowski wrote. "It also seems clear that he frequently used his dad’s name and alleged connections to make money and gain access. If the point is to embarrass, humiliate, & trash Hunter, that won’t be hard. But who cares? The only thing that makes any of this relevant for a congressional inquiry is whether Joe Biden was directly involved or [benefited] financially from what Hunter was up to. That is the problem for them. On that score, the evidence is sorely lacking."

"From what I have seen, which is a lot, they are going to have an extremely difficult time tying Hunter’s activities to Joe, and if they fail to do that, it will backfire on them to waste so much time, resources and hype on an exercise to show that Hunter was a corrupt drug addict who leveraged his family name for his own benefit," he said.

Republican Rep. James Comer, who is the incoming chair of the House Oversight Committee, and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who is expected to soon chair the Judiciary Committee, alleged at a press conference Thursday that President Biden was actively involved in overseas business dealings alongside his son Hunter.

Last month, about two dozen left-wing social media influencers were invited to the White House to learn about Biden’s accomplishments ahead of the midterm elections. Now that Republicans have retaken control of the House, many of those same influencers are downplaying an investigation into the Biden family as a "nothingburger."... (Read more)

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