CBS roasted for finally confirming authenticity of Hunter Biden's laptop: 'Gavin Newsom is celebrating'


Fox News contributors Leo Terrell and Joe Concha mocked CBS News Tuesday for finally admitting the authenticity of Hunter Biden's laptop after more than two years.

Terrell, on "Fox & Friends," said CBS "knew about" the laptop's authenticity a long time ago, arguing they elected to deny the scandal and acknowledge its authenticity only after the 2022 midterms.

"What's the motivation for CBS to have this news story on Thanksgiving week? It was after the midterms, they knew the House was taken over by House Republicans, they knew about the investigation that's coming, and they want to basically make amends," he told Brian Kilmeade.

"CBS knew about this. They hid this information to the detriment of President Trump and to the benefit of the campaign for Joe Biden."

The laptop, initially reported by the New York Post just before the 2020 election, led to a tense exchange between former President Trump and CBS' Lesley Stahl in which Stahl claimed the laptop's authenticity could not be verified.

Backtracking on the claim, "CBS Mornings" aired a segment Monday showcasing computer experts who claimed the "sheer volume" of the laptop's contents would be "difficult, if not impossible, to fabricate."

Joe Concha, weighing in on "Fox & Friends First" Tuesday, slammed Stahl and CBS for the significant flip from the vehement denials ahead of the 2020 election.... (Read more)

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