New York Post slams UN assembly-goers as climate hypocrites for using private instead of public transport


The New York Post editorial board slammed United Nations diplomats for not using Manhattan’s public transportation system to travel to this year’s U. N. General Assembly, given their big talk about saving the environment.

As such, traffic in downtown New York is "bumper-to-bumper," with lines of vehicles emitting carbon into the air. The board wrote if such climate-scrupulous U. N. members were "serious" about the environment, it would "lead by example" and hop on the metro or other forms of mass transit.

Starting Wednesday, the U. N. General Assembly is the annual convening of all U.N. member states to hash out U.N. policy and craft the body’s agenda going forward. The event comprises regular sessions that start in September and end in December each year.

As the U. N. website states, "Racism, intolerance, inequality, climate change, poverty, hunger, armed conflict, and other ills remain global challenges." Though according to The New York Post, the U.N. could afford to look like it cares about the climate more than it does.

The Post’s editorial began by illustrating the not-so-eco-friendly scene caused by these diplomats riding to the U. N. gathering in style. "As you’re sitting bumper-to-bumper in the perennial traffic nightmare produced by the UN General Assembly, with its hundreds of diplomats in endless lines of towncars and limos, you might ask: How much carbon could the green fanatics who people the UN save simply by making GA attendees use public transportation?"

After all, most of the world leaders who attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral over the weekend used public transportation to get there, the Post mentioned. Why not now? "Buses were good enough for the world leaders (except President Joe Biden) who attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. And no less than UN Secretary General António Guterres said of the climate ahead of the GA’s start: ‘Lower the temperature — now.’"... (Read more)

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