Trump rally attendees weigh in on who they want on the 2024 presidential ticket


Americans at a Trump rally on Friday shared who they hoped to see on the presidential ticket in 2024.

"I would like [former President] Trump to have another rematch against Sleepy Joe," rally-goer, Junepit, told Fox News.

Junepit was attending a campaign rally Trump held Friday for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels ahead of the Badger State's Aug. 9 primary election.

"I wanna see Trump run," said one attendee who said he lost a quarter of his retirement fund since President Biden took office.

The majority of rally attendees who spoke to Fox News said Trump should be the 2024 Republican candidate. The Trump supporters cited worsening economic conditions, international tensions, and an overall erosion of American values as why he should run again.

"Trump, of course," attendee Ella responded when asked who she wanted to run. "He didn't let America be run over by other countries," she said.

"The reason why we moved from China to the States was because we valued the American systems," Joseph told Fox News. He said Trump could restore traditional American values.... (Read more)

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