Rosie O'Donnell responds after daughter says her upbringing was 'not normal'


Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Vivienne is aware that her childhood was not "normal."

Vivienne explained that her upbringing was not necessarily "normal" after she shared a story from her childhood in a TikTok series she titled, "Story Time with Vivi."

In the original TikTok, Vivienne revealed that she spent time visiting a woman named "Mo." It was not until Vivienne was 12 years old that she was told the woman was the pop icon Madonna.

"At my birthday parties, this beautiful woman would always come, and I was like, ‘Yeah, there’s Mo,'" she said. "I never had any idea who the f--k she was. … Then I find out it was Madonna all these years."

One fan commented on the story saying, "LOVE that @Rosie_ODonnell kept things relatively norm well as much as possible! You are the sweetest! Lol."

Vivienne responded to the comment with a new TikTok video clarifying that her childhood was not "normal."... (Read more)

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