'The View' touts new co-host Ana Navarro as 'Republican power player' despite liberal views, Biden support


"The View" touted Ana Navarro as a "Republican power player" Thursday as she was announced as an official co-host for the show's upcoming season, in spite of her liberal views.

On the same day, the ABC talk show announced Alyssa Farrah Griffin would fill the "conservative seat" vacated by Meghan McCain last year. Both Navarro and Farah Griffin are outspoken foes of former President Trump, although Navarro has long opposed him, while Farah Griffin worked in his administration and has since done a heel turn.

Navarro cut her teeth in Florida politics with former Gov. Jeb Bush, R., and remains a Republican Party member, but the show's highlight reel accompanying her co-host announcement concentrated on her roasts of Trump, push for comprehensive immigration reform, and liberal views on abortion and gun control. Whoopi Goldberg called her a "Republican power player" while narrating the video. A CNN commentator, Navarro is a reliable booster of Democrats and has encouraged viewers to support them.

Following the on-air announcement, Navarro tweeted that she would see viewers at the table in September for Season 26. She explained she will not be able to be with the show full-time for now with other media and family commitments. Navarro has been a rotating host on the show for years, winning over viewers with her dramatic denunciations of Republicans and seemingly rehearsed one-liners.

Some were quick to criticize Navarro's official party affiliation, given her clear alliance with Democrats. In 2020, she gushed over the selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's running mate, calling them "Uncle Joe" and "Auntie Kamala." She voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in 2018 and helped Biden court Latino voters in Florida in 2020; she is also an outspoken critic of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, R.... (Read more)

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