Abbott urges Biden to 'stop the loss of lives,' says Texas adding truck checkpoints, deploying strike teams


After 53 migrants died in an abandoned tractor trailer in San Antonio, Gov. Greg Abbott detailed Texas's plans for combating human trafficking on Wednesday, including by setting up additional checkpoints for trucks coming across the border.

"DPS will create and implement a checkpoint strategy beginning immediately," Abbott said at a press conference in the border town of Eagle Pass. "They will begin targeting trucks, like the one that was used where these people perished, to make sure that we will have a better capability of perhaps stopping future trucks like that, as well as stopping the smugglers and the cartel members who were trying to profiteer off it."

Abbott directed state law enforcement agencies to step up checkpoints at the border earlier this year, but ended them in April after they snarled commercial traffic.

The governor also stepped up his criticism of President Biden on Wednesday, urging him to make full use of Title 42 and the ‘remain in Mexico’ policies, as well as restart the construction of a border wall.

"Because of the way that the Biden administration is not enforcing the immigration laws, it's attracting people and enticing people to make this very dangerous trek causing them to lose their lives. I urge the preside... (Read more)

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