Disney Animated Children's Series 'Baymax' Features Transgender 'Man' Who Menstruates


In Disney’s latest effort to smuggle transgender ideology into its entertainment for kids, the new animated Disney+ series Baymax features a transgender “man” who menstruates and gives advice on which maxi pad to buy — “the one with wings.”

Baymax, which began streaming Wednesday on Disney+, follows the adventures of the balloon-like robot from the 2014 movie Big Hero 6 who is on a mission to serve as good samaritan to the residents of the fictional city San Fransokyo.

The transgender character appears in episode three titled “Sofia,” in which Baymax assists a 12-year-old girl who experiences her first period.

When a mortified Sofia barricades herself in a gender-neutral restroom at school, Baymax offers to buy her “menstrual hygiene materials.” At the store, Baymax is bombarded by suggestions from helpful shoppers, including a transgender character who is wearing a transgender-flag shirt.


“I always get the one wings,” the trans “man” tells Baymax.

The scene was first reported by journalist Christopher Rufo.

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