White House Under Fire For Promoting Site That Tells Pregnant Teens How To Get An Abortion, Avoid Involving Parents


Several Republican lawmakers chastised the Biden administration after the White House promoted a site that helps pregnant teens obtain an abortion while advising them on how to avoid notifying their parents.

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a press release directly responding to the Supreme Court ruling which overturned Roe v. Wade, and advising women on how they can maintain ‘reproductive health care.’

The release included multiple links to the site AbortionFinder.org where HHS advises they can help obtain financing for an abortion and provide legal information.

The White House promoted the department’s press release on Tuesday.


The website pointed to by the White House and HHS provides information to women, including teens, on how and where to obtain an abortion.

Users provide information on their last period and their zip code, and AbortionFinder.org will provide tips to the expectant mothers as well as the addresses of local abortion providers.

One particular portion of the site addresses teen pregnancy and advises that those who wish to do so can avoid the need for consent from their parents.

“Some states require people under 18 to involve a parent or guardian when getting an abortion,” the site reads.

“If you need to avoid involving a parent or guardian, contact the If/When/How Judicial Bypass (JB) Helpline for information about getting a judicial bypass.”


Several GOP lawmakers lashed out at the Biden administration for encouraging teenagers to circumvent their parents during a highly emotional and life-altering – for both the mother and their child – decision.

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